Getting Started 


Why young living?

Although I had dabbled in essential oils before joining Young Living, joining YL as a wholesale member has been one of the best decisions I have made in my wellness journey. Not only is it the best way to learn a ton, but it is also the best value!

I fully trust Young Living's Seed to Seal promise, and I can absolutely tell the difference in quality and effectiveness from cheap-o brands you might find elsewhere. I know you will, too.

As a wholesale member, you get wholesale pricing, saving 24% on Young Living products. Woohoo! But, you don’t have to do anything else. There is no obligation to sign up members, and there is no obligation to buy monthly purchases. To maintain your membership, you simply need to purchase 50 PV (~$50) of product per year.


premium starter kit

I recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit, which includes 11 5-ml essential oils, a diffuser of your choice, plus some fun samples. Also enjoy access to a lovely community ready to share personal experiences with oils, as well as tons of resources and information. 

When signing up, make sure you choose Member (not retail).  Select Premium Starter Kit and choose your favorite diffuser. You are on your way! What questions do you have about essential oils? Reach out and let me know.