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I coach and empower women who want to take action toward their goals.



Awareness > Mindset > Action


 Hi love. I’m glad you’re here.

My name is Jannan Poppen. I am a life coach for women who want to take action.

I believe that the world needs more soulful women, just like you, following their hearts and dreams, but I also believe that you shouldn’t have to do it alone. You see, big dreams sometimes means big overwhelm.

Together we work to get clear on your vision and create a strategy to help you connect to intuition, affirm self-trust, and keep you accountable so that you can make a bigger impact in the world. 

My style is part intuitive guide, part list maker and name taker, and I am on a serious mission to help women create a life that feels empowered, energized, and meaningful.


I see you.

Dreamer, soulful heart, sensitive spirit, creative, visionary, changemaker.

You’ve always done things a little differently and followed your own path. That’s what makes you unique. And you know you are meant to do big things in the world and leave a big impact. 

But, sometimes, your sensitivity, stress, and self-doubt get the best of you.

You feel restless and your confidence wavers. You’re not sure which step to take next, so you do nothing.

But, you’ve been thinking for a while that you are ready for change. And I don’t believe you are here by coincidence.

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