Retreat Marketing Checklist

For the busy entrepreneur, life coach, business coach, or yoga instructor who dreams of leading a retreat to serve your clients.


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  • Simple, action-oriented checklist to take you from overwhelmed and stuck to empowered in your retreat marketing strategy.

  • The one thing that you NEED to do before you start planning your retreat. Every successful retreat leader does this, and it’s easier than you think.

  • The top mistake that most retreat leaders make and the simple shift to fix it, fast.


It’s time to confidently market your retreat.


Hi! I’m Jannan!

My name is Jannan Poppen. I am a travel advisor and retreat planner. I work with wellness-oriented travelers who struggle with the overwhelm of information and the time involved in trip and retreat planning.

I support them by designing custom travel experiences and managing all of the details so my clients can save time, energy, money, and enjoy a lasting and memorable experience.