A Traveler's Heart

You feel it. A flutter in your heart and soul when you catch yourself dreaming of the next place you want to go. You’ve always been a bit of an outsider that way. Some people get it. The heart of a traveler. And some say they get it but don’t. And some people think you’re just plain crazy. But that’s ok. You’re packing your bags anyway.

“How was your trip?” they say with a smile. But, they don’t REALLY want to hear about it. And how could you possibly begin to explain it anyway. The way travel has changed you and you’re not exactly sure how.

The way it made you feel like your best self on most days, and how all your barriers were down so you finally felt free, and how it challenged you beyond what you thought you could do. And you did it anyway. You just know you’ll never, ever be the same again.

You know you want to - no, need to - see more. And discover more. And connect more. To yourself. And to those souls you’ve yet to meet but who have so much to share and teach.

Me in Ecuador.jpg

I’ve been there. I’ve felt all of these feelings and more. And sometimes, you just need to be around people who get it.

Even if you’re in a season where you’re not traveling that much. Even if you haven’t traveled that much, but you’ve felt that spark. You still have that traveler’s heart, and we want you to know that every feeling you’ve ever felt about travel is OK. And welcome here.

This isn’t a competition about how many places you’ve been or how many items you’ve checked off the bucket list. Heck, we don’t even have a bucket list. It’s just people, who love travel, talking about it, sharing their stories, and learning from each other.


The Inspire Travel Summit was created for you. To inspire you (obviously), but also to show you what is possible. Maybe you’ve hit some stumbling blocks along the way.

You want to travel more, but you’re not sure how. You want your travel experiences to feel more meaningful. You want to make the most of your limited travel time. You want to have real, authentic connections with people across cultures.

The Inspire Travel Summit was created for you. If you have a traveler’s heart, then please join us.

Jannan Poppen