My story

From my very first overseas trip walking the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain to living with a host family in Mexico to teaching English in Ecuador, some of the most influential experiences in my life had meaningful travel at the center.

Walking day after day on the Camino, I started to get anxious for the end. The destination seemed so far away.

But, one morning as I was hiking in silence, I realized that the reason I was there was not for it to end, but to enjoy each step and to appreciate each moment.


Travel transforms. Travel connect. Travel reveals.


That first meaningful travel experience followed me to Mexico and Ecuador and every new place I have visited since that transformative time in Spain.

I knew I wanted a vocation that focused on empowering others to travel.

For nearly ten years, I helped college students study abroad. I watched travel change young people’s hearts and minds, life ambitions and goals. I observed countless students forge relationships and friendships across the world, while also learning about their own sense of self.

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In the midst of a move from one city to another, I was between jobs.

Not knowing what was next, I signed up for a yoga teacher training course. As part of the teacher training, we had to design and present to the class a project.

My project was to eat a vegetarian diet for thirty days, but I kept going beyond the thirty days. I felt lighter, more peaceful. I eat meat again now, but vegetarianism combined with the intensity of the yoga teacher training opened me to new possibilities.


In the busyness of building my career and becoming a mom and a cross-country move that shifted things for me, I realized something was missing.

I was sitting at an office all day, sending my son to daycare, and not living the life I felt I was meant to live.

I was watching others change their lives, but I wasn’t changing my own.

One May morning, I woke up early and knew what I had to do. That same day, I gave my two weeks’ notice. It wasn't an easy decision, and there have been many days  where the self-doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty have been overwhelming.



But, I’ve also had more growth that I could have imagined.

Through writing, I been given the gift of reflecting on my travel experiences. I've said yes to new opportunities, but only ones that have felt right.

I have been able to be there for my kids. I was there when my daughter crawled for the first time.

Now, I finally feel like I’m doing what I should be doing - helping people go on great adventures, find their peace, and experience the world through travel.

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Hi! I'm Jannan!

I am a wellness travel agent specializing in helping people plan unique travel experiences so they can celebrate special life moments through travel.

I've lived in Ecuador and Mexico, traveled to ten countries, and helped travelers go to seven countries and counting.

I’m a sometimes writer,  mom of two funny kiddos, natural-living aspirer, and yoga teacher.

Nature inspires me, I’m an introverted lover of people, and baking is a fun time for me, because it’s precise. I can quote Rumi all day. 

I believe in empowering others to live and travel with intention. I believe that time spent with those you love is never wasted. 

I believe in experiences over things.


I'm here to empower YOU to go outside your comfort zone,

To support you in creating a unique and relaxing travel experience,

To allow you to RECONNECT with YOURSELF and those you LOVE by spending quality, focused time away from your busy life,

To help you transform your life!


Are you ready?


Say yes to new adventures!

Now is the time! Replenish what's been lost. Find your peace or new direction. Give yourself the ultimate in self-care. Let me support you on your journey.

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